Hello, my name is Craig.
Welcome to my web portfolio.

Web Design and Development

Some web projects I have created.

Yaletown Dog Training style tile

Yaletown Dog Training

Logo Design/Branding UX Design Illustrator HTML/SASS Wordpress

Yaletown Dog Training is a small local business that needed a modern design to replace their aging website. This project was chosen and completed in a group of three for our BCIT Technical Web Designer final project. I was given the opportunity to hone my design skills in planning the look and feel of this site as well as creating an edgy logo for the business.

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Responsive group-project desktop site

Responsive Group Project

Responsive HTML/SASS GitHub

The goal of this project was to build a fully responsive page from scratch using only reference images for the design. Completed with a partner, this was our first experience coordinating coding with someone and was achieved through the use of GitHub for version control as well as using SASS for all styling.

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Image portfolio website home screen

Portfolio Site

HTML/CSS Javascript/jQuery Photoshop

This is my professional portfolio site showcasing the design and development work I have completed over my time at BCIT.

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Rad Surf Co. front page screenshot

Rad Surf Co.

HTML/CSS Javascript/jQuery Responsive

A single-page fully responsive website for a local surf shop including a responsive navigation and an image slider with images that resize with screen width. My challenge was to prevent the slider from resetting to the first image when the browser width changed.

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Image of redesigned Elections Canada Political Parties page

Elections Canada

UX Design Illustrator HTML/CSS

In this project we were to redesign one section of the Elections Canada website. This project focused on user experience design through the creation of a content strategy in a team of five. The second part was completed individually and consisted of styling, wireframing, and prototyping. My team chose to redesign the Political Parties section.

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Application Development

Some of my accomplishments in programming

Image of Java code

ATM Interface

Java Eclipse

This Java application is a simple command-line program that simulates an ATM interface. The user is able to sign into an account and perform different functions on their account such as deposits, withdrawals, and displaying account information.

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About Craig D'Arcy

Image of Craig D'Arcy with downtown Vancouver buildings in the background

I am a designer and developer based in Vancouver, Canada. I have completed the Technical Web Designer program at BCIT and am currently working towards completing the Applied Software Developer certificate. In only six months I have gone from zero web development experience to being able to design and build what you see on this page. When I am not on my computer or studying you are likely to find me pursuing my fitness goals, enjoying a day at the beach, or searching for the perfect burger.

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